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Expressing the best Version of you NEVER goes out of style.

Traditional Bespoke is the art of handcrafting men's clothing to an individual buyer's specifications. When you enter our store, you will have full control over features, fit, and of course fabric.

The only restriction on how good you look and feel is you and your tailor. At Frama, you will be greeted with a warm smile and a world of knowledge. Your name WILL be remembered.

You've worked hard
to get where you are.
Now it's time to look the part.

Some men know what they want, and want it right away. Some men have a general idea, and will appreciate the journey of discovering what they need. Regardless of your frame of mind, we'll make your experience comfortable and rewarding.

Even if you are not planning on making a purchase right away, we invite you to get to know our stylists and fashion consultants. Browse our gamut of colours, patterns, and materials ranging from the low 80's to the superior 180s. You'll see that we have what it takes to make your personal style Thrive.